The Data Science Course In Hyderabad That Is Best For Your Learning

Not all data science courses are created equal. Many courses expect learners to spend hours studying material by themselves, most likely written by someone who isn’t an expert in the field. Our data science course in Hyderabad is different. Compiled, taught and regulated by a top data scientist working in a Fortune 100 company, you can be assured that the content of this training is of the highest quality.

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Our unique classes use a mixture of video learning and hands-on lessons to achieve the smoothest learning experience and encompass all potential situations in a real-world data scientist job.

What is data science?

Simply put, data science is a blend of technology, data inference, and algorithm development. The goal of a data scientist is to solve complex problems by analyzing data. Learning data science is all about mastering the art of sorting business data.Data Scientists come up with a creative solution to increase business value and to reach certain goals.

Many different businesses need data scientists to help them make smart business decisions. For example, a business may want to categorize its customer base so that it can provide a more tailored marketing experience to each audience bracket.

Learn all the components required to be a data scientist
The data science venn diagram

A business may also need a data scientist to help it develop a product. Some products use data as an input and may depend on certain processes to generate results for the consumer. A common example of this is a recommendation engine, where an algorithm makes suggestions to a visitor on what products they might like. Data scientists play an important role in developing these products. They build the algorithms used, as well as test, refine, and integrate them into the desired application.

What will I learn in class? 

Our course content encompasses everything you may need for a data science related job. Our extensive and in-depth syllabus is stronger than any other institute in Ameerpet, which means you can rest easy knowing you’ll be taught everything you need to succeed.

By the time you’ve completed our 2 month-long data science training in hyderabad , you’ll be thoroughly and completely prepared for any practical scenario you may encounter as a data scientist.

Data Science Course Syllabus
Things you will study in my data scientist training

Do I need any experience in data science to take this course?

No! As long as you have an eagerness to learn and an inquisitive attitude, our data science training will fill you in with all the knowledge and experience you need to get started in the field.

How is our course different from other data science courses out there?

While some training institutes focus on either entirely video content or entirely hands-on lessons, we prefer to take the best of both worlds and use a mixture of different teaching methods. Note that no diploma certificate will be given, like other classroom-based institutes in Hyderabad.

The majority of our course focuses on live sessions, which have all the benefits of video content and hands-on classes at the same time. On top of this, students can ask any questions they may have about the course during each live session- which is a level of support not normally seen in online courses. Most learners struggle with a single method of learning, and we want to ensure that everyone can follow our programs.

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The only training that covers real-time scenarios

We believe that everyone should be able to better themselves. That’s why our data science training classes are not only available for those without any experience, but are also accessible from anywhere in the world.

We don’t just encourage students to memorise content and concepts. We believe that real practical experience in potential data science scenarios is just as, if not more, important than getting all the hypotheticals right.

We know that

  • Everyone has the potential to master data science
  • Money shouldn’t be a barrier to quality education
  • Different students learn in different ways
  • Data Science is a growing industry
  • Data Science is the logical next step for many professionals
  • Hyderabad has a large and growing demand for data scientists

While other data science courses in india are often priced in excess of ₹50,000, our course is available for only ₹30,000. This is much cheaper than any of the other courses available on the market, yet our course is of a higher quality and is much more easily learnt by students.

Realize your dream of becoming a data scientist through my training
Attend this data scientist training and realize your dreams

On top of this, we’re passionate about clear communication, so you can be sure that what you see is what you get and you won’t need extra training to properly learn course content. As our classes are mostly live, we are constantly improving our course to better answer potential questions students may have. Start learning today and experience “the best job of the 21st century.”

Who will my teacher be

Unlike many training courses in hyderabad , our training is fronted by a real working professional data scientist. Your teacher not only works at a top Fortune 100 company but will also be available to answer any questions you may have during live teaching sessions.

Study Big Data and Data Science in a single course
Study Big Data and Data Science in a single course

How will we approach learning about data science?

Data scientists are often faced with complex real-time scenarios that need quick and creative thinking, so we designed our course to best prepare students for that. Our Hyderabad based data science program covers both Python and R, two main programming languages used for real data science projects. During our training, students get deeper and deeper into the world of a data scientist. They won’t just learn basic database knowledge, they’ll also learn how to apply that knowledge to real-life situations.

Who should do this course?

Our data science training courses offer clear and high-quality support to all students; so no matter your level of training or your current occupation, you can be sure you’ll get the best learning experience. Having said that, job seekers, managers, data analysts, developers, graduates, IT professionals, mathematicians, and programmers may be best suited for advancing their career with data training.

What will my prospects be like after this course?

The field of data science is rapidly growing in popularity in Hyderabad. Today, there’s a strong need for businesses and individuals to have quick and easy access to the information required to make data-driven decisions, on an ongoing basis. Hyderabad is home to many businesses, small to large, including some of the biggest technology and IT companies in India. There is, therefore, massive growing demand for those with data science qualifications in the region. Study at our institute now to set yourself up for a better future, in the city, or in the surrounding areas like Madhapur.

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Companies recruiting entry-level data scientists

Since demand is increasing so quickly, there is currently a shortage of adequately trained data science professionals in Hyderabad. Get ahead of others, upgrade your skills, and improve your prospects by enrolling in our data science classes today. There are tonnes of jobs waiting for you!


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